10 Questions Vegans Always Get


Vegans get teased left and right on their eating habits. What the majority don’t realize is the truth and the reasoning behind the vegan movement. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, have become vegan for several different reasons, and like to promote this way of eating because it just makes sense. From our health, to the environment, to animal welfare, vegans are just conscious beings trying to lessen their negative impact on the world. Many vegans can relate to getting the same questions about veganism from many people, as well as some misconceptions about living a vegan lifestyle. Here are answers to a few…


1. How do you get protein if you don’t eat meat?

While the majority of the population chows down on unhealthy animal proteins, vegans are so aware about where the meat comes from that if that person knew where their meal came from they would instantly become vegan. Well, at least for that meal. Until they forget the image and choose to continue eating the way they want to. Animal protein is not necessary in our diets today. As an advanced society, we have an abundance of protein from so many other sources like beans, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, and believe or not veggies and fruits have certain amounts of protein too. Because we’re taught that protein comes from animals, the majority don’t realize this is really just a marketing scheme to keep the industry strong and continue to gain profits.


2. So, do you just eat salads all the time?

Although not all places have a vegan option, most of the times the sides are delicious whether it’s sweet potato fries, sautéed spinach with garlic, or brussel sprouts with cauliflower. For me, unless the salad sounds delicious and filling, I am not just ordering a measly salad for dinner. We like to eat too! And with more and more vegetarian restaurants popping up with entirely meat-free menus, there is so much to choose from!


3. How does that fill you up?

Vegans eat a lot because they can, and have to, especially if they are active. Whole foods that the body recognizes speeds up the metabolism thus needing more fuel. With clean calorie intake, we can enjoy a large meal with a variety of beans, grains, and veggies with a delicious side salad. Just because we eat don’t eat meat, does not mean we don’t eat well.


4. Do you mind if I order the burger?

Your decision on eating animal protein is your decision. But don’t ask me for my opinion and why I don’t eat meat and then turn around and say I am preaching. No, we don’t mind what you eat. It’s your conscious choice, and you are very well aware of the benefits of becoming vegan.


5. It’s ok I won’t tell anyone.

Not a question, I know…but something we still tend to hear. No, we don’t put a front and really want to eat animal meat behind closed doors. Most vegans don’t enjoy the taste of animal meat after a few years of not eating it. So don’t think we really want to eat a piece of meat and just pretending. We’re not missing out on anything but helping the animals.



6. But you used to eat meat….?

A follow up to the previous. Most vegans became vegan later on in life. And although they were once carnivores, does not mean that they will keep that habit forever. Yes, they ate meat while growing up and then after a little education on where it came from and the harmful causes, they decided it wasn’t the best idea to continue on supporting this industry. It’s kind of like protesting.


7. (Speaking for you) They are vegan…what can they eat here?

It’s funny how overly concerned some are with your dietary choices. Announcing and make it known is very necessary as your friends look for options for you and let the waiter know. Most vegans keep calm and choose the dish they feel is best for them without the assistance of anyone. Don’t worry about us.


8. So you eat a lot of tofu and soy products, right?

No, most vegans do not eat tofu as their main diet. Tofu comes from soy bean which is one of America’s largest produced GMO crop and is included in so many of our packaged products. Vegans are usually environmentally aware of where their food comes from and only eat tofu on rare occasions.


9. Will you be vegan the rest of your life?

True vegans don’t just start eating meat again and go back to their old habits. While some ex-vegans just eat animal protein maybe once a week, they still support a vegan based lifestyle. This is not a religion that you will get shunned for eating animal protein. The idea of veganism is to live consciously and be respectful to the environment and the animals involved. So yes, this is a lifelong commitment.


10. I tried becoming vegan, but I can’t give up cheese.

Again, not a question, but a common anecdote vegans tend to hear. If you saw the whole process on how they treat mother cows and strip their babies from them at birth for your few minutes of enjoyment, you probably would give up cheese in a heartbeat. While cheese may be tasty, there are many alternatives and genius creators that have been able to cater to the vegan cheese community.


All in all, vegans get picked on quite a  bit for their conscious decision. While it’s a personal decision and most do not push their beliefs on everyone, they do try to educate others when the time calls for it in certain situations. We do enjoy nice savory and delicious meals just like anyone else, it just doesn’t involve the pain and suffering of another animal. And No… veggies and fruits don’t have feelings. They need to be eaten and or they will rot.

Julia Poliadis

Jules is a certified health coach and plant based foodie based in Miami, FL. With her international background and passion for overall wellness, she has traveled, researched and experimented with all types of diets, remedies and approaches towards healthy lifestyles.