Adding Salt To Your Florida Coffee

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Coffee has gained in popularity in most parts of the world, with an estimated 400 million cups being consumed just in America every day. In Florida, one of the healthiest places to live, coffee is listed as one of the top 9 favorite beverages alongside mojitos, caipirinhas, rum runners, pina coladas and corona ritas.  Research shows that between 1999-2005, the occurrence of coffee shops in Florida rose by 40%.

There are many reasons why coffee is so popular in the state. It is a stimulant and an energizer that helps us get through the toughest of days. It is also used in weight loss and in preventing diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

This increase in popularity has spurred Florida baristas to come up with new ways of taking coffee in order to keep their customers satisfied. Some like coffee dark and strong, while others prefer it smooth with milk. And whether you choose to add sugar or not, coffee itself is known to have a bitter taste. Consequently, more and more people are using salt in their coffee. The thought of adding salt to coffee seems strange to many, but it comes with its benefits, in terms of taste and health.

Why Salt In Coffee

There are so many Floridians who back off from coffee due to its bitter concentrated taste. The introduction of salt to coffee has been seen to help in reducing the bitterness of the drink and also aid in flavor enhancement.

The Health Benefits of Salt

Salt helps with the natural flavoring of foods. It is rich in approximately 60 trace minerals that are beneficial to your health. Salt also helps in the proper functioning of the brain, muscles and nervous system. It eases digestion and aids in the enhancement of the body. It acts as an acid neutralizer in coffee. Last but not least, it is an excellent source of electrolytes.

Other Preferable Additives In Coffee Other Than Salt

Every individual has choices and preferences. Other additives that can be used in coffee for taste enhancement purposes include cinnamon, sugar or milk.

For an enjoyable cup of coffee, avoid using acidic coffee beans like the arabica coffee strain. These beans are acidic and hence contribute to the bitter taste in coffee and diseases like stomach ulcers.

Adopt new methods of grinding and roasting  coffee beans, such as cold brewing instead of heating, using dark roasted coffee beans and coarse ground coffee, both of which are less acidic. All of these simple techniques will make your favorite cup of Florida coffee even more mouthwatering.

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