The Healthiest Places to Live After Retirement


Retiring is an exciting time of life, but only if you’re healthy enough to enjoy it. People save for a lifetime hoping to live out their remaining years in comfort. You can make the most of it by choosing to live in an area devoted to senior health. These are the top cities to ensure a long, healthy retirement spent enjoying your well-earned time off.

Naples, Florida

There’s a reason so many retirees move to the Sunshine state. This city gets the top grade in the country from the American Lung Association for the excellent air quality. Beach after beach gives retirees a place to rejuvenate in the ocean air, while the warmth helps keep viral illnesses (such as the common cold) at bay. Furthermore, the local health care system offers a range of services wider than many other cities in the United States.

Lynchburg, Virginia

The best part about this city is its amazing walking trails. There are over 18 miles of options for walkers that weave through different parts of the city. The downtown area boasts a wide range of activities to keep seniors mentally active as well, with art galleries, museums, and much more. The area’s health care system is nationally recognized, and keeps residents of all ages healthy year round.

Augusta, Georgia

This city boasts the best health care system in the nation. It is also recognized as an age-friendly city by AARP, as it continuously reworks its downtown area to cater to seniors. There are paved walking paths and activities for empty nesters all over the city.

Greensboro, North Carolina

An amazing amphitheater rests in Center City Park, encouraging seniors to get out into the temperate weather here and catch a show. There are fitness classes in the park, mixed with plenty of chances to stay social. The city is a short drive to the mountains or the beach, so each rejuvenating option is only three hours in either direction.

Nashville, Tennessee

Aside from the amazing country music, this city boasts an open-air farmer’s market that keeps seniors on the move. The walking opportunity here meets rows of healthy, fresh food options to keep seniors eating fresh and feeling great. There are many smaller neighborhoods throughout the city where seniors settle to retire in peaceful, close-knit communities.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This city on the edge of the Northern United States is one of the most walkable in the country. The plentiful sidewalks give access to the numerous museums and festivals around town. Seniors keep their minds and bodies young while enjoying moderate temperatures that barely fall below 40 degrees annually.

Jenny Holt

Jenny Holt is a freelance writer and mother of two. She loves nothing more than getting away from it and taking her pet Labrador Bruce for long walks, something she can do a lot more now she's left the corporate world behind.