Miami’s Top 10 Juice & Smoothie Bars

Juicing and green smoothies have been all the rage. Documentaries like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead have brought to light the amazing benefits of drinking food to boost your health. While buying a juicer or blender and making your own drinks from fresh, local and organic ingredients is always the best option, it is not always feasible. For those who would rather leave it up to the professionals or who are on the go and need a quick pick-me-up, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 juice and smoothie bars in the Miami area just for you! To see the whole list of places you can grab a healthy juice or smoothie in the South Florida area, check out the Juice & Smoothie tab on the Healthy Places app (Download FREE from iTunes or Google Play Store).


Locations: South Beach, Wynwood, South Miami, North Miami

Jugofresh has spread through Miami like a wildfire, making it the most convenient option for having fresh juice at your beck and call anywhere in Miami. As one of the trendiest juice bars, Jugofresh offers any kind of juice or smoothie you desire with fun and quirky names only true Miamians will understand. Whether it’s something sweet or sour, you can be sure to find it here. With names like ‘Saca lo todo’ to maximize your detox or even ‘kale’ing me smalls’, you’ll be giggling as you choose whichever juice you’re in the mood for. Forget about the cafecito and grab the Alkaline Gangster next time you need a pick me up.

Guarapo Organic Juice Bar 

Locations: Upper East Side, Wynwood

Want to travel to the Caribbean Islands or Latin America? Guarapo will take you there with it’s sugarcane juice blends. Offering a variety of different flavors to satisfy your taste buds, this place will have you coming back for more of that Guarapo (sugar cane). My favorite Guarapo blend is the Sugar Pine: pineapple, ginger and cane juice. You can still enjoy other juices and smoothies if you want to skip the sugar cane and you can even add a wheatgrass shot to the mix for that extra boost.

Choices Café

Locations: Upper East Side, Coral Gables, Coconut, Grove Miami Airport

If you’re a true veg head, you’ve probably already heard about Choices Café. This is the ultimate organic vegan café focusing on the well being of the Earth, the animals, and your health. While they stopped providing fresh pressed juice on site, their main kitchen by the airport distributes ready-made cold-pressed juices to their locations daily, such as the bottled ‘Green Dinner’ which includes apple, kale, spinach, ginger, and lemon. My favorite smoothie is the ‘Este Loco Coco’ (this crazy coconut).  It tastes similar to pancake batter to me, as weird as that may sound. But it is yummy!

Dr Smood

Locations: Wynwood

I stumbled upon the Dr’s office while attending Art Basel (or “Art Baseling” as we say here in Miami). Located in the middle of it all, right in Wynwood, it was just what I needed! I was hooked after my first sip of the Cacao Shake. I loved it’s European feel with the modern look and simple design. Since then, I have returned to try all 3 vegan mylk shakes, which are all amazing. They also offer great bottled juices with unique mixes you can’t find anywhere else!  Side note: The name was derived by merging the words smart food thus resulting in Dr Smood. This Danish company will soon be expanding throughout South Florida!

Raw Republic Micro Juicery

Locations: Aventura

If you’re in Aventura, this is the place to be! Raw Republic offers fresh, organic, cold pressed juices as well as amazing Acai bowls that will make you think you’re eating ice cream. This cute and cozy micro juicery has a friendly staff that will answer any questions you may have about their juices. Offering their own unique blends, this place will hit the spot when it comes to juices and smoothies.

Plant Theory

Locations: South Beach

I consider this place the South Beach safe haven for all things vegan. The best part of their juices? You get to create your own blends on the spot. They prepare their cold pressed juices daily in bulk so that you can have the pleasure of creating your own concoction. I usually order the beet, carrot, apple, and ginger juice for a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day.  Grab their yummy vegan empanada for a great snack when on the go! If you’re looking for a meal, their daily special will leave your belly, and your taste buds, in a happy place.

Dirt Eat Clean

Locations: South Beach

This new trendy spot located South of Fifth offers all things healthy and caters to all diets from paleo to vegan. Their menu is focused around farm fresh local foods, and even their bread comes from Miami’s well-known Zak the Baker. Now, how local is that?

Carrot Express

Locations: South Beach

Carrot Express is your go-to for a fast juice and quick meal. Their kitchen staff are lined up to get you in and out in no time. I tend to lean towards the carrot and beet juices, so my staple juice item is the B-52 . No, it’s not an alcoholic beverage! This powerhouse includes beet, carrot, celery, ginger, and cucumber. Who says fast food can’t be healthy?!

Pura Vida

Locations: South Beach

Pura Vida, meaning pure life, offers just that. With a long list of smoothies and juices to choose from, including a list dedicated to Acai smoothies, this place is the go-to spot located South of Fifth. They have great acai bowls and cater to any diet, whether you’re vegetarian or not.

Whole Foods Markets

Locations: Everywhere

Last but not least, when in doubt, just head to Whole Foods for a smoothie. They are centrally located in all neighborhoods of Miami and offer a great smoothie bar menu. Their friendly staff will help you get what you need on the go, and if you need a quick meal they have a great buffet style food court as well.

So, Miamians, you have no excuses! There are healthy places all over the Miami and South Florida area. Want to discover some near you? Download the free Healthy Places app from iTunes or the Google Play Store today.

Julia Poliadis

Jules is a certified health coach and plant based foodie based in Miami, FL. With her international background and passion for overall wellness, she has traveled, researched and experimented with all types of diets, remedies and approaches towards healthy lifestyles.