Top 5 Yoga Studios in Miami


305 Yoga

305 Yoga is the hippest yoga studio in town that gives back to the community. Terri Cooper, owner and founder of Yoga Gangsters (now known as Connection Coalition), has taken yoga to the next level by spreading the positive vibes to the youth. She founded Yoga Gangsters back in 2006 which is a non-profit organization that has been able to reach over 10,000 kids in jails, shelters, and schools with the magic of yoga. Each yoga teacher at the studio will have you feeling inspired, connected and supported. Their unique classes such as ‘candlelight yoga’ and ‘fun flow’ will leave you regenerated with good vibes to go back into the world.


Inhale Miami

Inhale Miami opened up in 2015 and has already made it’s mark on the yoga community.  The only studio in the middle of Little Haiti, they offer the best rates for yoga classes and events. Each instructor offers a unique experience that will take you on a journey each time you meet them on your mat. Whether it’s a live music raja class with Sujal or a dub reggae yoga session with Joel, you’ll be feeling irie by the time you roll up your mat. Inhale Miami hosts great events from morning dance parties to game nights, truly bringing the community together into a sacred space where you can let your true self shine and connect with others.


Green Monkey 

Green Monkey yoga studio has 2 Miami locations in South Beach and Coral Gables offering classes from 7:30am to 6:30pm. So whether you need a morning session, a midday break, or late night session, hit up Green Monkey to get your body flowing and your energy centered.  With their seasoned yoga instructors, you will feel blissful at the end of your savasana. Green Monkey also offers Corporate Wellness programs that bring yoga to your office to create synergy within your working environment.


Enhanced Healing Wellness Center 

Enhanced Healing Wellness Center has teamed up with Daily Offering Yoga Studio to cater to the beginner adult yogi’s in the Upper East Side community. During an intimate yoga experience, Anamargret (co-founder of Daily Offering Yoga) offers classes that are strong, fun, compassionate and create the space for students to shine in their own light. She has been able to pass on her unique hatha flow teachings to her students,  who also teach at the studio. They offer a free class every Saturday at 10am under the oak trees at Legion Park on Biscayne Blvd.


Bikram Yoga Central Miami 

If you like hot yoga classes, Bikram Yoga Central Miami is the place to be. Located on 50th and Biscayne, this is a place where you can cleanse your body and mind, increase strength and flexibility, and relieve stress. Their Yogi Juice Bar offers just what you need after a great class; the nutrition to keep you feeling blissful after your practice. Grab a drink on the go or hang out and enjoy one at the bar. They also have the option of a sauna room to take time to reflect and release any remaining toxins left within.


Local Parks

And the best yoga studio is out in the park! There is always a free or donation based outdoor yoga class happening. As you start to connect with your teachers and peers, you’ll soon discover outdoor classes that are hosted on a weekly or monthly basis.  Below are just a few that you can check out.

Where: Legion Park on Biscayne Blvd.

When: Every Saturday

Time: 10am



Where: 3rd Street Beach on South Beach

When: Everyday

Time: 7am, 5pm, 6pm

Donation based


Where: Bayfront Park

When: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Time: Mon. & Wed. at 6pm, Sat. at 9am



Namaste, Om Shanti

Julia Poliadis

Jules is a certified health coach and plant based foodie based in Miami, FL. With her international background and passion for overall wellness, she has traveled, researched and experimented with all types of diets, remedies and approaches towards healthy lifestyles.